We are trying to develop and provide all the services necessary for product development,
such as circuit design, PCB artwork, and instrument design that customers want.

Hardware development Hardware PCB Artwork Instrument
Analog circuit design Design for phenol, epoxy

- We can design the equipment that our customers want

- If the product is designed by the customer, we can help you with the detailed design if the customer requests it.

- If necessary, we can also suggest a post-processing and mold design.

Digital circuit design FR-4, FPC, metal PCB
Wifi, BT, GPS design Single to Multi-layer PCB
Capacitance Touch Buildup PCB Type
Sensor design B,C,E RF Board

GPS Module

General This product is a module developed for GPS Active reception.
In addition to GPS, it can be expanded with modules that can receive
Glonass and Beidou.
Features Application GPS
RHCP / Also, This is manufactured with 45 * 45mm small size / Two LNA
RoHS Compliant Product
Specifications Frequency : 1575.42MHz / LNA Gain : 26.49 dB
Voltage : DC 5V / Current: 19.65mA / Noise Figure : 1.83dB
Peak Gain : 32.27dBic / Avg. Gain: 26.98 dBic / Axial Ratio : 1.82dB

Smart streetlight lamp controller

General We developed a controller used for smart streetlight gateway boxes.
It can be linked to power consumption collection. Short circuit and power outage checks & It can be linked with a variety of environmental sensors.
Features It can be applied to smart street lights.
Led Lamp 1V~10V Dimming Output.
RoHS Compliant Product
Specifications Processor : Arm Cortex-M3 Processor
Network Interface: Sub-1GHz ISM Bands Wireless (850~950MHz)
Charge Current : 300mA/ LiFePO4 Battery (3.2V 3200mA)

Interface Board

Model INNO-BRD-5315
General This is an interface board that connects boards to boards.
Change total control and communication methods.
Features I2C → GPIO
UART → RS232
7.5V → 24V & 5V
RoHS Compliant Product